Video Doorman / Video Concierge

Bring some of that upscale convenience without the added expenditure.

One major perk of an upscale building is having a doorman on the premises. No missed packages. Someone to help you bring things in. Someone to hold the umbrella when the weather is not cooperating.

For less than 10% cost of hiring a doorman we can help you justify those higher maintenance fees and bring some of that upscale convenience without the added expenditure.

No more unsightly “Missed Delivery” notices plastered in the building’s lobby…

With the addition of a camera and some communication equipment to your building’s existing intercom, delivery personnel can speak to a trained, live operator who will assess their credentials and decide whether to allow them access to the building. The package can then be dropped off in a designated delivery area or right at the resident’s door.

Our trained staff at the monitoring center won’t hold your patron’s umbrella, but it will keep your lobby more tidy, and save the residents a trip to the pick-up center.

Make older residents feel safer…

If you have older residents in your building who are relying on a Personal Emergency Response System or even just calling 911, they can feel better knowing that responding emergency personnel won’t have to wait on the kindness of a neighbor to get access into the building and can save precious time rushing to help the distressed resident.