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Home Lighting Integration

Let’s start by integrating your home lighting into your alarm system. The lights come on when you open the door, lighting your path to the alarm keypad.

Add a temperature sensor to the alarm system to alert you if the temperature drops so much that the pipes may freeze.

Also add a leak detector to alert you of a burst washing machine hose or a leaky pipe. Even add a controlled valve to shut off the flow of water.

Now add a gas leak detector to set off the alarm if the boiler pilot light blows out and gas is leaking into the room instead of heating your home.

We can help you do more with your existing alarm system.

Home Automation

Let’s take all of the above and build from there.

Control all of the lights in your home from anywhere in your home, or even when you are away. Shut off all the lights for the night without leaving the comfort of your bed. Put the house in “away” mode by flipping a switch on the way out.

Did you forget to leave the porch light on? Turn it on from your smart phone.

Unlock the doors for the plumbers even while you’re at work. Lock them again when the plumber is done.

Turn down the heat, turn up the A/C, lock the doors and arm the alarm, when you already left for your trip – from the cab or the airport – using your smart phone.

Turn off the TV, the Stereo, and the Lights – all with one switch – as you’re leaving the room.

Integrate powered shades or the sprinklers with a weather forecast app, and you can cut your energy and water usage.

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