Multi-location monitoring Centralized Access Control Management

Multi-location monitoring

Monitor all of your assets from a centralized location. Whether it’s multiple buildings on campus or distant warehouses throughout the world, they can all be supervised from a single centralized location.
Add geolocation capabilities and you can monitor mobile assets as they move between locations. Even get alerts when equipment moves outside of designated area.

For example: Get an email alert when a forklift leaves it’s designated warehouse. Is it going out for service? Is an employee renting it out to another firm?

Get alerted when a delivery truck leaves it’s designated service area or moves on a scheduled day off. Is an employee using company resources for personal use? Were they authorized to do so?

Centralized Access Control Management

If your employees need access to different locations (multiple buildings for a Chief Engineer, inventory clerk inspecting sales showrooms and warehouses, a doctor, nurse or assistant practicing at multiple clinics) you can grant or deny them access from a centralized, cloud based (or private server based) solution, making changes on the fly as your business needs dictate.

For example: All new employees go through training at the company headquarters, then get assigned a permanent location to continue their duties. Grant them temporary access to the headquarters building and parking lot for training days and revoke it after training completes. Their access to their regular places of work remains in tact.