Access Control Systems / Intercoms / Video Intercoms

Whether upgrading an aging system or creating a new solution from scratch, we have you covered.

Telephone dialing systems

Telephone dialing systems call a designated phone number for each tenant unit. They are perfect for situations where the existing wiring is damaged. Intercom functionality will be maintained either by dialing the home phone number or the cellular number of the current residents. The resident can press 9 or * to open the doors.

Video-intercom systems

Video-Intercom systems provide an image of the visitor to increase building security. Connectivity can be achieved either through tenant stations (often utilizing existing wiring), or an App installed on the resident’s smart phone.

Update existing systems

Older “push-button” style units can be updated with a video feed by installing a camera at the panel and injecting the video signal on a designated channel to be viewed on the apartment’s TV.