Integrated Access Control and Surveillance Systems

Video recording keyed to access control events. Record every visitor with a video log. Get alerts when a visitor is denied entry.

On the more advanced systems you can even get alerts when the visitor’s credentials (pin code, keycard, etc.) do not match the picture on file.

Automatically manage visitors using their own ID (Driver License, Credit Card, even License Plate), black listing and white listing on a web portal.

For example: a resident is expecting a plumber during work hours. They enter the name of the visitor into the website portal along with the hours when they are expecting him. Upon arrival, the visitor presents their credentials at the kiosk (inserts driver license/credit card into the reader). The system verifies that the visitor is on the list, also that they aren’t on a blocked list (optionally verifies against a known bad-guy listing), and that the visit is during permissible hours. Once permission to enter is verified a visitor ID is printed to be used in the areas of the building he needs to access to do his job.