CCTV / Video Management Systems (VMS)

It all starts with the cameras…

Weatherproof outdoor cameras. Cameras with extended IR illumination that can reach out past 100′. Cameras with built-in two-way voice. Heated cameras for snowy/icy environments. Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras with a pre-programmed patrol pattern to cover larger areas. Miniature cameras located at face level to see the face of the hoodie/hat wearing visitor.

Then there are the special features…

Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Loitering detection. Object left behind detection. Crowd assembling detection. Motion detection. Crossing into an authorized zone alert. Tracking a person through a crowd.

And then we unlock the power of a true Video Management System (VMS)…

Mark off an area of interest and the system automatically finds all the videos when that area was disturbed. No more searching through hours of footage to find when a car was vandalized, when a shelf was disturbed or when someone entered a particular door.

Mark a suspicious individual in the lobby and let the system pull up all the footage where they appear throughout the building. Follow them in real time as the system passes from camera to camera keeping your monitor locked on the visitor.

Get an alert when an unwelcome visitor is present at any of your protected properties.

Manage videos from multiple sources/locations. Arrange the video feeds in the order that is most useful to your environment. Combine views from multiple locations on a single screen. Display key areas at the doorman station, while recording the rest in the background.