Some of our Smart Home combinations have become so popular we are now offering them as pre-configured packages.

Welcome Home

Walking up a driveway to a dark house is never pleasant. Opening the door to darkness isn’t any better. With an intelligently designed Smart Home your foyer lights turn on when you open the door.

Man Cave

The “Man Cave” is all about control. Tell us how you want to control yours.

  • Smartphone/Tablet
  • Light Switches/Control
  • Panel TV Remote

Have A Great Day

When it’s time to leave the house, don’t run around turning things off. Flip a light switch and get on your way. Conveniently located light switches turn off your lights, televisions, and video games, set the thermostat to energy save and arm your alarm.

Sleep Tight

Never worry if you locked the doors. Building on our “Good Night” package, we add centralized control for three more lights (for a total of seven) and two deadbolt locks all activated from a convenient bedside switch.

Good Night

No walking up and down stairs. No struggling to remember if the kitchen lights are on. Our introductory package lets you turn on or off lights in up to five rooms of your home from a conveniently placed controller in your bedroom.

Alarms, networking & CCTV

As NYS Licensed Alarm installation and service company RAB Maintenance places priority on the security and protection of your loved ones and your belongings.